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Chairmen Hotel Doha

Doha is the capital of Qatar, the most inhabited city in this country. It has an incredible skyline that will not let you indifferent. Do you want to learn more? Start planning your travel with this little guide!

To visit…
To visit…

Katara – The city of Culture and Creation
In this city, located in the coast between Doha and The Pearl, several cultures melt thanks to the great variety of activities that take place in it; from concerts, opera to art exhibitions. You can even visit the cafeteria of the most watched TV in the Arabian world, Al-Jazeera. 

Islamic Art Museum
When talking about art, we talk about the Islamic Art Museum of Doha that, itself, is already a piece of art. It was designed by the architect Mig Pei, author of renowned works as the pyramid of the Louvre. The museum hosts one of the bigger collections of the Islamic art worldwide with Asian, Turkish, Iraqi, Spanish and even Indian pieces.

To enjoy...
To enjoy...

The Corniche
The Corniche is a maritime walk of more than 5 km length where you can enjoy the views to the skyline of the city. In addition, you can see the Dhows which are former boats used to gather pearls and nowadays are used as transport for tourists. 

Souq Waqif
This Arabian market, complete renewed, offers to its visitors an incomparable experience. The market is organized according to the type of merchandise, there is an area dedicated to fabrics, another to food, another to accessories, etc. You can even find animals!
If you visit this market you can have lunch, a snack or smoke shisha in its main promenade. 

Villaggio Shopping Mall
This shopping centre is the most popular in the area as in it are recreated the Venetian canals. Here you can find all type of clothes stores and restaurants. In addition, you can also ice skating as it has an ice rink in this complex!